Baking Paper


Baking Paper


Baking paper or also known as parchment paper is a virgin bleached pulp based high density paper, coated on both sides with silicone. With high chemical purity, excellent release properties and safe food contact grade, baking paper becomes an on-going necessity for baking and cooking.

Product Details

Grammature: 40 gsm
Certifications: Food Grade (FDA,ISEGA, Halal, PEFC Certification)

Features & Benefits

  • High grease barrier (Nonstick)
  • Easy to lift baked items from pan
  • High temperature resistant (up tp 220 degrees Celsius) 
  • Excellent heat stability
  • Hygienic protection during cooking and baking
  • Maintain food flavor and quality
  • Can be used up to 4x (depending on baking types)

Recommended Applications




            Baking Sheet

           Food Wrapping

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