We have an extensive scope of top markets nationwide. Our products are commonly found/mostly used in industries such as Flexible Packaging (Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Personal Care, Cigarette Inner Wrap), Blown Films (Lamination, Collation Shrink, Stretch/Shrink Industrial, Hygiene, Shopping Bag) and Hotels, Restaurants and Catering (Paper Cup, Cupcake Paper, Doileys).

Flexible Packaging

The flexible packaging industry continues to increase in value throughout the years. With this change in lifestyle and growing demand for flexible packaging from the food and beverage industry, as well as pharmaceutical industry, the global flexible plastic packaging market is projected to witness an imminent increase within the upcoming years.


The industrial sector remains the biggest contributor to Indonesia’s annual GDP growth. Like many said, “it will be the new engine of economic growth for Indonesia.” In the past, our country’s dependence on raw commodity-based exports made us susceptible to price swings in the market. However, recently the government plans to refocus and develop the industrial sector in the upcoming years, thus providing the Indonesian economy with a stronger platform.

Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering

Today, the hotel, restaurant and catering industry, also known as “Horeca” is shifting towards the use of paper when serving dishes. Starting from to-go boxes, to paper cup drinks, the Horeca industry consider the use of paper more efficient and eco-friendly as it is more sustainable and bio-degradable.

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